Standard LED Phytolamps

Standard LED lamps for plants

Standard LED phytolamps are used to illuminate cultivated plants in low light conditions. The main advantage of such phytolamps is their standard connection to conventional light bulb sockets, which allows the use of such phytolamps in existing lamps or with standard light bulb sockets. The bulk of phytolamps are produced with the most common type of base - E27, which is equipped with the bulk of any lamps for household purposes.

Structurally, a standard phytolamp is a conical-shaped product, at the top of the cone there is a base, and the base of the lamp is a round panel with LEDs placed on it. The surface of the cone consists of radiator fins, which serve to remove heat from the LEDs; a driver or power supply is located inside the lamp, depending on the type and connection of the LEDs used in a particular phytolamp. In a standard lamp for illuminating plants and seedlings, both small, low-power, frameless LEDs and more powerful LEDs that provide a higher luminous flux can be used. When using low-power LEDs, such a lamp does not have focusing optics, and if more powerful LEDs are used in the design of the phytolamp, such a lamp can be equipped with special optics to adjust the angle at which it emits light.

The disadvantages of standard lamps for plants include their low power, which requires the use of a large number of similar lamps for growing seedlings or plants, as well as the fact that the design of such lamps usually uses cheap LEDs from unknown Chinese manufacturers, the service life of which leaves much to be desired, as and their technical characteristics. Such LEDs may well not have the same emission spectrum and sufficient power that a certain type of plant needs.

The advantage of standard phytolamps is their complete unification, which eliminates the problem of connecting them, as well as a lower price, compared, for example, with linear LED lamps or panel lamps for plant growth. Thanks to the balanced combination of price, quality and efficiency, standard lamps for plant lighting are quite suitable for their assigned role.