Panel LED Lamps

LED panel lamps for plants

LED panel lamps are a powerful compact light source designed to illuminate plants grown in grow boxes. Panel LED lamps are small in size, but provide a powerful luminous flux of the spectrum required by plants, comparable to that of the sun. Panel luminaires come in two types - based on a large number of powerful LEDs - there can be more than a hundred of them, or based on COB LED panels, which have even more power than single LEDs - one luminaire can contain from three to six COB LEDs.

Panel lamps based on a variety of powerful LEDs have the most optimal emission spectrum, since hundreds of different LEDs make it possible to create almost any necessary emission spectrum, as close as possible to that required for normal plant growth, while quantum boards are easily repaired by replacing failed elements. The only drawback of quantum boards is their relatively high cost, but this is more than compensated by their optimal spectrum and high efficiency. All panel luminaires based on LEDs are equipped with forced cooling and overheating protection.

Another type of panel luminaires are phyto lamps based on COB panels, which are an assembly of many LED crystals placed on a common substrate, on which the LED power driver is also installed. COB LED has a power of 50 watts or more, so it serves as a very powerful light source for plants. Since COB panels are large, a phyto lamp usually includes from 3 to 6 such panels. To ensure an optimal spectrum, such lamps use special phyto-LEDs that have peaks in the red and blue regions of the spectrum, and additional yellow, red and blue panels correct the spectrum and provide sufficient luminous flux power for effective plant growth. Phyto lamps based on COB panels have low cost and high efficiency, provide significantly more power compared to panel lamps made from small powerful LEDs, and allow you to effectively grow any plants at home in grow boxes.