LEDs and other Components

LEDs and other componentsfor photo lamps

For the manufacture and repair of LED phyto lamps of various types and designs, LEDs and many other components are used. It would seem that there’s nothing complicated about it, the lamp is like a lamp, I inserted the plug into the socket and the lamp lit up. But unlike incandescent lamps, which had a fairly simple design, LED lamps and luminaires have a more complex design and include various components, especially for phyto lamps. And these components fail from time to time and need to be replaced. And some people simply want to assemble an LED lamp with their own hands, since it is cheaper than buying a ready-made lamp for lighting plants.

In any case, you will need various components - the LEDs themselves or an LED strip, a radiator for cooling the LEDs, a mounting wire for connecting the LEDs, a thermal relay for protection against overheating, drivers or power supplies, focusing optics for LEDs and COB LEDs, fans for cooling the radiator, power cords with switches, thermal paste and hot melt adhesive for LEDs and much, much more. In addition, to effectively use phytolamps, you will need mechanical or electronic timers to regulate the length of daylight hours, and perhaps even twilight sensors to turn on phytolamps in low light.

When choosing components for LED lamps and phytolamps, you should not go for cheapness - in the end it can cost more. A good example is LEDs from well-known and unknown manufacturers - American Cree LEDs, high-quality Taiwanese clones of Cree LEDs and cheap Chinese LEDs.