LED Phytolamps for Plant Growth

Linear Lamps

Linear LED lamps are a narrow and long lamp equipped with an LED strip or a chain of powerful LEDs.

Panel Lamps

LED panel lamps are a powerful compact light source designed to illuminate plants grown in grow boxes.

Standard Phytolamps

Standard LED phytolamps have a standard base and are used to illuminate growing plants in low light conditions.


LEDs and other components that are used for the manufacture and repair of LED phyto lamps of various types and designs.

LED phytolamps are in great demand today, not only by large producers of agricultural products, but also by ordinary people who want to increase the efficiency of growing various plants in greenhouses or at home. In order to provide effective lighting for plants growing in conditions of little or no sunlight, a variety of types of LED lamps are produced, which have a wide variety of designs and configurations.

The most popular of the phytolamps are linear LED phytolamps, since they are equally convenient to use when growing various plants in greenhouses, on window sills, shelving and in other similar conditions. For window sills where there is sunlight, low-power phytolamps based on LED phytolamps are quite suitable - the price of such phytolamps is low, but for greenhouses and shelving you will have to buy phytolamps, the design of which includes powerful LEDs - naturally, the price of phytolamps based on such LEDs will be higher, than a lamp with an LED strip, but the luminous flux will be significantly higher. If plants are grown in grow boxes that are completely isolated from sunlight, LED panel lights that create a powerful luminous flux are better suited. To grow seedlings and then plant them in open ground, you can use phytolamps with a standard base - they can be bought inexpensively, and there will be no problems connecting such a lamp.

In other words, to grow any plants that grow in a wide variety of conditions, you can buy a phytolamp with an optimal design, thanks to which the plants will quickly grow and develop, bloom and bear fruit, bringing joy to their owners.